Fundación Por México
Fundación Por México
Aula Por Mexico ®

It is a physical space created to implement and promote educational programs and labor skills that facilitate the social and productive integration of communities with global and national companies that have a physical presence in their geography.

Aula Por Mexico’s model has three variants:

• Company / Government / Fundación Por México
• Company / Fundación Por México
• Government / Fundación Por México

Government is responsible for:

• Services
• Collaborators
• Facilities
• Maintenance
• Security
• Assistance with facilitating community participation

Company is responsible for:

• Initial investment
• Equipment
• Training according to their requirements
• Volunteering
• Maintenance
• Dual Model

Fundación Por México is responsible for:

• Coordination
• Operation
• Educational Programs
• Scholarships
• Negotiating with the authorities
• Community Outreach