Sala de prensa

Casamigos is proud to announce our partnership with Por México Fundación for an initiative called “Aula Por México.”

Our initiative, which means “Classroom for Mexico” in Spanish, is a project created to foster the development of educational programs and knowledge, and labor and social skills in communities of need. Casamigos has partnered with the Project Santiago Matatlan, which will specifically serve the greater community in Oaxaca, Mexico. No stranger to Oaxaca, Casamigos is proud to support the passionate community where our mezcal is produced.

“Aula Por México” will promote education, digital literacy, gender equality, and job opportunities for Oaxacans who haven’t had access to traditional education. Our ongoing donation will not only help to provide an accessible educational space for Oaxacans, but will also help equip them with the skills needed to enter the local workforce. Programs will include:

* Certification of basic education in non-traditional modality (elementary and junior high) in alliance with the National Institute of Adult Education (INEA)

* Digital literacy courses, in partnership with CISCO and Microsoft

* Technical Bachelor’s degree with CONALEP (National College of Professional and Technical Education) and the Ministry of Education

* Training, evaluation and certification of 1,050 labor skills with CONOCER (National Council for Standardization and Certification of Competences)

* Workshops and conferences on gender equality issues to promote self-esteem and the basic principles of leadership, as well as equal employment opportunities.

From providing access to computers, internet, blackboards, and desks, to offering digital literacy courses, technical bachelor’s degrees, skill certificates, and gender equality workshops, our partnership aims to broaden the future of the community from where our mezcal is rooted and produced.